Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ping Pong Ball Drop

Instead of an Easter Egg Hunt my brother-in-law put on a Ping Pong Ball Drop! He arranged for a small plane to drive by a field and drop out 2,500 ping pong balls in a couple of swoops.

Everyone spread out on the starting line.

It was a beautiful day in Northern Indiana!

The plane flew low and the balls dropping out were surreal. They kind of just hung there in the air and landed simultaneously.

Micah and Grandma Wagler snuggled to keep warm.

Luke was ready to GO!

And they're off.

"The Big Race" as Luke liked to call it.

A frenzy of children grabbing and running.

In a blink it was all over! Look who we found...Aunt Tiffany and cousins Arthur and Sophia.

So sunny and windy.

Free hotdogs. Luke actually ate the entire thing! You have to celebrate the picky eater.

"Cheese" or maybe we should have said "hotdog"

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