Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 37 - Classes are finished!

I had my second and final exam today for International Contracts. The exam was one page, just the front, and it was two fact situations relating to international sales. It took me the full two hours, and the last ten minutes I was writing furiously trying to get as many of the thoughts down as possible before I ran out of time. As law school exams go, it was not too bad. I felt pretty good about the exam after it was over. It is a relief to finish, even if the grades don't really matter!

I enjoyed both of my classes, and the professors were both interesting. Professor Lazerow taught my Int'l Contracts class. He is one of the founders of the program here in Paris, and he teaches at the University of San Diego. Professor Stephan taught my International Business Transactions class. He teaches at the University of Virginia, and has taught here in Paris during the summer a few times. He was very knowledgeable about a lot of topics, and his class was very stimulating. He actually wrote the textbook that we used for the class.

The school in Paris basically looks like an opening from the front, and in the evening they pull a metal garage door down to shut it. The classrooms are small and old - nothing like the facilities we have in the US! Professor Lazerow advised us today not to take the elevator because they recently had it worked on and it was acting funny. He mentioned that if we got stuck in it today, they might not be able to find an elevator repairman to come get us out because this weekend is the mass exodus from Paris for the local citizens. It has been on the news (like Yahoo France on Friday) with information on the highways leading out of the city. More and more stores are closed when we walk around the city, and they have signs posted saying that they are closed during August! I guess it is good we are going home.

Phil and Luke in front of his school! It is closed for the next month.

There was a reception after the final ended, and the school furnished drinks and snacks. It was a nice treat. Allison and I have both been pleased with the program overall, and I was pleased with the academic portion. The professors had reasonable expectations - I think if it was up to Prof. Stephan he would not have given us a final if he didn't have to do it! He said one time, "It's Paris!" meaning we should be enjoying our time here.

Alli and Luke posing near our apartment.

After the reception we walked down rue de Rivoli to the Adidas store to see if they had any good sale items left, but their sale had pretty much finished. Before we got there, though, we had to stop at the BHV to look at their pillows and draperies once more before we left Paris!

some pillows at BHV

After lunch we all took a nap, and then we went to get a baguette and took Luke to Place des Vosges to play in the grass for a little while. Tonight we started packing so that tomorrow and Monday morning are not so stressful! We have two bags done!

Packing to leave! Will it fit?


Lisa said...

Glad to hear you're finished with your exams Phil. What do you mean the grades don't really matter? Do you guys feel like you got to see most everything you wanted to see in France? It sounds like you have been able to do so much in the short time you were there. I know I will always regret not coming over to visit you because I can't see Dale and I ever making the trip. He has no desire to go to France for some reason. Well good luck with your packing. I'm sure you will be bringing home MUCH more than you started with! Love, Aunt Lisa

Alli and Phil said...

By the grades don't really matter, I meant that as long as I pass I am okay. IU transfers in the study abroad classes on a Pass/Fail basis, so whether I get a C or an A, I will have a Pass on my official transcript and it will not affect my GPA.

Guppy & the Worm said...

Nice Hat!

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