Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

We returned safely from Paris last Monday night after a long day of traveling. Luke was fantastic, although much more active than our trip to Paris! The flight attendants on the international flight stopped to talk to him and complimented us on having such a beautiful baby and a good traveler.

Luke helping Daddy pack!

taxi ride - parley vous anglais? non. Charles de Gaulle? wie.

The line to go through security to get on the international flight was long! One of the Air France workers directing people told us it was not their fault - it was the US that required it. Luckily, they saw we had a baby and they took us to another section that did not have a wait. The French are great about babies! We checked our bags and went to the terminal without having to wait another 1 1/2 hours! We were finishing our snack and changing & feeding Luke to prepare to board the plane when the people standing behind us in the original line came rushing up because they had to hurry to get to the gate having just made it through the line!

the longest line ever when you just want to go home!

good-bye France

We had almost two hours in Detroit before our connecting flight to Indy took off, so we got a burger & fries from Max & Erma's and got Luke to fall asleep. We were pretty tired ourselves, and we were looking forward to getting to Indy. The flight from Detroit to Indy was quick, although Luke started crying towards the end. Allison rushed to nurse him, which stopped his crying, but other babies in the plane started crying when they heard him, and they did not stop!

I like my own seat

Allison's mom, aunt, and brother were waiting for us in Indianapolis when we arrived, and they welcomed us home - complete with a welcome home sign! It was good to see them and nice to have them hold Luke while we got our luggage. We loaded up the Rendezvous and headed for Fort Wayne, trying to outrun the storms headed toward us. We saw the lightning most of the drive, but we made it to the southern edge of Fort Wayne before the storms hit - the wind was very strong and the rain was coming down hard. Sanibel was excited to see us when we finally arrived! She flopped on the floor for a belly rub and then ran around.

Luke woke up at 3:30 am IN time (9:30 am Paris time), so we went down and watched part of the Cubs replay with Grandpa Fishbaugh and then played before getting tired again at 5:00 am. I was glad to go back to bed when Luke finally got tired!

We spent a few days with Allison's parents, visited her grandparents in Warren, and then headed to LaGrange to see Philip's family. Luke had a fun time playing with everyone, and he surprised all of us by getting another tooth! We finally arrived back in Bloomington Monday night at 10:00 after a long drive - after all our travels, Luke finally decided he had had enough and did not want to be in the car seat! Despite numerous stops, the trip went well and we arrived home safely. It is nice to be home, but there is a lot to do! The living room is covered with luggage and toys and other stuff. Allison is at a playgroup for Kelley Kids, and I am watching my email for interviews (at the law school). Needless to say, we are jumping back into life in Bloomington right away!

Luke, Grandpa, and Grandma at the lake

first time in the lake!

Sanibel loves the water - what a jump!

Grandpa Fishbaugh & Luke

Daddy & Luke

Grandma Wagler & Luke swinging

our niece Sophia - 1 1/2 months young!

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