Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Luke is 21 lbs. and 6 oz!

We finally made some unpacking progress today! We still have some organizing to do and rearranging but we feel a little more settled and back to "normal." Right now we are kind of mindlessly sitting and watching the Olympics. Really we should just go to bed.

Luke had to go to the doctor today because of a rash that showed up on his arm overnight. I was a little panicked that it was poison ivy but the doctor said that it was just a skin reaction to something he must have come in contact with outside. He prescribed some ointment and I am hoping that it is gone in the morning.

We finally picked out a high chair and car seat for Luke at Target. After Target we went to our neighborhood Kroger. They really remodeled the Kroger this summer when we were gone. The produce area was expanded and they added a gourmet cheese case (yeah!) and a salad bar with all sorts of olives and salads. We are very excited about all of the new amenities! I purchased two "ready to cook" chicken breasts that were stuffed with ham and cheese and wrapped with bacon! Yum yum. They were so very good!

I am so happy to be "home" and I loved cooking dinner in our kitchen! I know that it is small and I dream of the kitchen that I may someday have but no kitchen will ever be as small as our Paris kitchen! It was so heavenly using our microwave and dishwasher!

Our delicious "homecoming" meal and Luke showing off his new high chair! Also the roses that Phil gave me yesterday!!!!!!!!!


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Hey, girl! I didn't know you were in Paris this summer! What an amazing experience! Love the pics from your trip!

Lisa said...

Hey guys, were those plastic hangers pretty tasty? They looked pretty yummy! Dale and I attended Alivia's birthday party on Saturday. It was great finally getting to see our new family addition and the rest of the kids. Addison looks a lot like Kinsey but I believe she possibly has more hair than Kinsey did at 1 month of age. Love, Aunt Lisa

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