Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Fishbaugh Christmas

The Fishbaugh family celebrated Christmas this year on Christmas Eve at our townhouse in Bloomington. It was a different year for us not to travel to see family. We always look forward to staying with both sides of our families and seeing as many family and friends as possible. I am thankful that we have accommodating families as we decided months ago that we would not be traveling due to my pregnancy. Long car rides are rough for the pregnant crowd.

Luke handed out the gifts! He had all of the gifts memorized under the tree and who they were for. And then, of course, he helped unwrap them!

Uncle Drew

Crystal gets a taco kit!

Mr. Happy boxers for dad/grandpa. He really looks happy about it!

Zip up sweatshirt for mom/grandma

A very cool homemade cubbies ball

So much going on at once!

Richard Scarry books are timeless!

Luke "driving" while sitting on top of the Mario Cart box!

I put everyone to work! Drew, first time turkey carver.

Mom shot baskets with Luke because that is all he really wants to do right now!

I slouched on the couch in lazy posture form. I was so tired.

Mom made some adjustments to the gingerbread house

Dad was in charge of the food. Yep, he is good like that and well loved for it!

Crystal and I kicked off the Mario Cart playing. I was all over the place trying to keep my car on the road! I am pretty sure that she beat me!

Luke was quite fascinated. He needs lots of turns.

My parents were still around for Christmas morning! We watched the Disney parade and Luke had more special gifts to open. Some "Santi" hats were worn...

For supper we had homemade pizzas, which Phil wants to make a tradition, and then we all drove around and looked at Christmas lights and sang Christmas carols. It was a very different Christmas. Next year will be even more different! That's okay. So, until next year...

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