Thursday, December 24, 2009

Luke and His Lady

Luke is not lacking in the area of lady friends. We had Isla for a few hours while her mom, Brooke, had a date with the BMV. Isla found plenty to do at our house. It is always fun to play with other peoples toys. Notice the look on Lukes' face! He was unsure how to act. Ladies are much more delicate.

He is a little shy at first.

Two steady towers? Luke had a horrified look on his face when Islas' tower crashed to the ground.

So he tried to make her feel better with, what else, dribble dribble shooting. How else does one impress a girl? He wants me to let you know that he is "fast" as well.

Max and Ruby (a kids show) crosses the gender boundary and brings people together! I like that Isla chose to sit in front of Luke! I also like that Isla was so engrossed in our power tool set and workbench. A woman after my own heart! I didn't think that she would like our "boy toys" but kids do not care! Toys are toys, especially when they are "new." I also like that Luke loves all of the toys at Islas' house. He found plenty of miniture doll accessories and made use of them. I couldn't help but smile when Luke brought me a microscopic hairbrush (less than a half inch) and proceeded to groom his hair. Priceless!

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