Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Big Brother is Born

We have been warning Luke about a new baby named "Micah" throughout the pregnancy. He has associated Micah and me (mom) as the same person. We did not know how he would react when he realized that we are not the same person but 2 separate people. Also, because of the flu outbreaks and H1N1 little siblings have not been allowed in the hospital to visit the new additions. Luckily the ban, that has been there since October, was lifted the day before Micah was born! Is that not the coolest thing? So Luke got to come to the hospital and visit momma and Micah. He even got a "Big Brother" sticker to wear! When he came into my hospital room I could tell that he was older. Why does that happen so quickly? It had only been about 12 hours since I had seen him last!

Here is new big brother Luke eating his packed lunch from home at the hospital.

Luke met Micah and immediately wanted to hold him! He already knew that babies need to be held.

He is a sweet big brother and has shown much interest in his little brother.

Micah has no idea what fun these two will hopefully have in the years to come. I am giddy with excitement about it!

Grandma and Grandpa Wagler brought Luke his very own special turtle cookie!!!!!!

What a special guy?! And seriously, why does he seem suddenly so old and grown up??

Sanibel and Luke welcoming Micah home.

He really wants to hold Micah and take care of him. If Micah cries, Luke gets on the mission of getting him a "hankie" to wipe his tears! I think that Luke is going to be my special good helper!

Luke and Grandma Fishbaugh entertain Micah.

I thought that Luke might be concerned to see me in a hospital bed but no worries. He wanted to share his goldfish crackers with me! They never tasted so good!!!!!!!!!!!!


Erica and Nate said...

Very cute...congrats on your new little guy!

Emily said...

they are going to best friends, you can tell already! Happy birthday to Micah :)

Hope you're doing well. Let me know if you need ANYTHING!

Jessica Brown said...

you have TWO beautiful boys - congratulations!

luke has NO idea how much fun he'll get to have with his baby brother someday! what a blessing!

Karen and Tim said...

Congratulations!! I love reading your blog and staying updated on your lives! You have a beautiful family!!


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