Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mini snowman

We had another good snow yesterday - this time it was the wet, good-for-packing snow. This morning before I had to go to class, Luke and I went out to shovel and we ended up making a snowman. Our snowman did not get very tall, however, so it is more like a mini-snowman!

We managed to find sticks for arms and a carrot for the nose, and Grandma Fishbaugh found a scarf and hat for us to use, but we could not find any rocks for the eyes because everything was covered with snow! We had to improvise, so we used some tea lights that I found lying around (I think that they were left over from our Halloween pumpkins!). As you can see, our mini-snowman might be an alien.

Our short & squat snowman

the finishing touches

Micah decided to watch from inside where it was warm!


Strobels said...

Wow..I think Micah has changed so much already! Both your boys are very cute!!

Love, Heidi

Lisa said...

I think Micah had a good idea in watching the snowman building from afar. He will have plenty of time to romp in the snow when he gets a bit bigger. I loved the mini snowman though!
Love, Great Aunt Lisa

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