Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love Day

I made the boys hankies for Valentines Day!

Now they each have their very own.

Luke is checking out his "L"
I monogrammed an "L" on Lukes' and an "M" for Micah just like all of the "P's" on daddys'

Luke loves to open Valentines!

Feel the love!

Our very perfect Valentine.

Luke is showing Micah his new hankie!

These are my flowers that were delivered on Tuesday.

What a wonderful surprise they were! You might think that they are from Phil but you would be wrong. They are from Barret & McNagney!!!!!! That's right. Phils' future employer sent me flowers to welcome baby Micah! We are thrilled! Phil kept saying "now that's a good sign!" It was very thoughtful of them to think of us and he does not start his job there until September. I think that it warmed Phils' heart as much as it warmed mine. Hopefully it warms your heart too! There are some pretty neat people in this world.

Speaking of Phil...I want to take this opportunity to brag on him for a moment. I received plenty of compliments from various people in the hospital on what an amazing husband he is! I already know it but it is gratifying to hear others say it too. Also, when I was signing us in at the pediatricians office for one of Micahs' appointments Phil came in after me carrying Micah and the diaper bag. The receptionist looked at me and confidently said "now that is a good daddy. He knows just what he is doing." I don't even know if she knew that we were all together!

Sunday night Phil told me a story about his tax class. In this particular class the students are recommended to do the practice problems in the text book. In the first sequence of practice questions at the beginning of the semester Phil found a discrepancy in one of the questions and asked about it in class. At that time the professor did not have an answer for him and they concluded that maybe a mistake was made in the printing of the text book. The professor said that she would check with the publisher and try to get back to him. Fast forward to Sunday night when Phil got an email from his professor letting him know that she had heard back from the publisher. It turns out that there was a mistake made in the practice questions and in all of the 20 YEARS of the life of this text book NOBODY had ever found the mistake! The publisher told Phils' professor to congratulate the student on finding the mistake!!!!!! As Phil was telling me this story I was just smiling and shaking my head because of course my husband would find the one mistake that had been waiting in that text book for 20 YEARS!

That is just so Phil! He is the best husband, daddy, and proofreader that there ever was...and I totally love him for it!


Barbara said...

Can't tell you how happy this post makes me. Go Phil!

guppy and the worm said...

We have always known he was a Special Guy and now you just confirmed it again! Love, M&D

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