Friday, April 16, 2010

Grandma and Aunt Linda

Grandma Wagler is a teacher and last week was her Spring Break! We were excited to have Grandma and her sister Aunt Linda stay with us for a few days. Nashville Indiana is a neat artist town that is only about 30 minutes west of Bloomington. Tuesday was a beautiful day so we decided to head over to Nashville and do some shopping.

Here is Aunt Linda, Luke, and Grandma Wagler waiting in line for homemade ice cream. I think that this might have been my favorite part of the day!

It got really hot that day. 80 +
Baby Micah did really well. He mostly slept...

Here is Luke with his ice cream cone. His favorite part of the day too.

Luke loves to draw with the chalk.

We were so happy to have such wonderful visitors!

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