Sunday, April 11, 2010

Luke Goes to the Dentist

On March 8th daddy took Luke to the dentist. Luke was not very happy about sitting in the chair - he wanted to stay close to Daddy. Luke went in the chair on his own first, but that did not go so well, so Daddy sat in the chair with him for a while, and then he could do it on his own.

The pediatric dentist office has the BEST paintings. The last time I was there I saw that one of the murals was signed by the mother of the faux painter that I used for many a job down here in Bloomington! She is quite talented!

This particular visit was a routine check. So far she has just looked inside his mouth and "counted" his teeth. No cleaning yet. Luke has been to the dentist 3 times! This was the first time that he was sad about it. It helped that he got to hold the little mirror!

Any Ft. Wayners out there have a good pediatric dentist recommendation? This is turning out to be our messiest move yet! New everything...

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