Friday, April 23, 2010

Sugar Mama Update 1

Day 9

I have not had any sweets since last Wednesday when we (Phil and I) finished off the ice cream. I thought is was best to remove the temptation completely. The thing is we had pretty much already finished off most of our Easter candy and other sweet treats anyways. Thankfully.

I must say that I have done very well. I am not the kind of gal that likes to do without so this has been a bit of a challenge for me. Though I AM the kind of gal that likes a challenge...

I have learned some things about myself:

1. I probably had a slight addiction to the sugary treats...the first step is admitting the problem
2. I LOVE fresh rosemary on my eggs
3. I switched my breakfast menu from Mutli-Grain Cheerios with milk to 2 eggs
4. I feel like I have more energy!
5. I discovered this tasty snack:

This is sugar free bread spread with almond butter and fresh strawberries!

So divine, especially when you have not had sugar for 9 days.

You should try it (the snack) sometime.

The best part is I tried my goal skirt on this morning and I manged to close it! It does not look good yet but progress none the less!

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