Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sugar Mama

In January, about a week before Micah was born, I got a great deal on a new denim skirt at Old Navy. It made me feel good at the time to buy something in a "normal" size. It gave me hope. I thought that I would easily fit into it by graduation (May 8)

As you can see, It is not even close to fitting. There is absolutely no way to get it buttoned. So nothing for me to get too upset about...I did have a baby 11 weeks ago and I am feeling good about how I feel and how most of my clothes are fitting. But I am a goal oriented person and I did set this silly goal of graduation and that is 3 weeks from today. Can I do it?

Luke also wanted his photo taken with his beads on in front of the door just like mommy!

So starting yesterday I have been going without sweets. I am a full time breastfeeding mom so dieting would really be a bad idea right now. I NEED the calories. Have you seen my baby lately? He is hungry and I feed him about every 3 hours. So the only thing that I feel comfortable cutting out is the extra sugar and sweets that have so easily become a part of my daily routine.

It is funny because yesterday was kind of rough. I had only been up for a few hours before I started to tell Phil that I needed something sweet! I couldn't believe it! Could I possibly be addicted to sugar? Luckily we have a bunch of apples on hand because when I start to think that I need a sweet I just have an apple. So far crisis averted. Can I keep this up until graduation?

Luke and I did a happy dance!

I am hoping to button this skirt by May 8th! Check back here to see if it can be done!

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