Friday, January 7, 2011

My Kitchen Helpers

Luke has been wanting to wash dishes lately.

I let him...even though it stresses me out.

I've been reading "Preparing Him for the Other Woman" by Sheri Rose Shepard. If you follow the link and feel like a good cry listen to the audio clip "His Mighty Warrior" at the top of the page. The book is "a mother's guide to raising her son to love a wife and lead a family"

I am privileged to be the first woman in both of my sons lives and I know that I am not the last. If Luke is going to offer to do something around the house I better encourage it and give him some praise! Even if he is just playing at housework I can always hope that someday he can bless his wife with this background knowledge, right?

Baby Micah does not want to be left out!

He did what was at his eye level.

Unloading a drawer.

And then loading it back up again!

Luke helped me by spraying off Micah's high chair tray.

My 2 helper boys!


jhw said...

Dear Alison & Phil; just pulled up your blog, what a scene of two precious young Kitchen Helpers. You are so blessed with Luke & Micah to be so interested in learning their parts of life. Trust they continue to venture as busy bodies as they grow. Those are really cute pictures, give them a big hug and kiss from Grt Grandpa & Grt Grandma Workman = We love you, praise the Lord for YOU.

guppy and the worm said...

"They are so precious in His sight....Jesus loves the little children of the world"....and we love them more than we can say!
Bless you and your family! Love, MOM

Lisa said...

I always enjoy seeing parents who let their kids 'help" them. It is truly the way little ones learn. It is especially important for moms to let our little boys be a part of all those domestic chores to prepare them for being good husbands and daddies.

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