Friday, January 14, 2011

New Tricks

Without further ado...Micah's newest and biggest trick yet:

Standing alone!

He is a sturdy one and Luke thinks it is so "cute" (his words) and funny! He immediately said: "Can Micah jump up and down like this?" Luke could be his biggest fan!

Luke wanted to give Micah a bath for the first time:

It was funny to watch them interact in this way. Big Brother taking care of baby. Isn't it nice to feel needed?

Micah likes to grab the washcloth and put it in his mouth but Luke took charge and said nice things to Micah like "this won't help a bit" and "everything works out if you just have money." Luke has perfected some of the more (or less) classic American phrases.

Gettin clean.

Poor baby was a little wetter than usual.

Luke watched me make my bed and was inspired to make his own! I guess all that "modeling correct behavior" stuff pays off? Only time will tell.

Mr. Mouse got all tucked in as a bonus.

See? Hard work can make you feel pretty darn good about yourself!

1 comment:

chavarria family blog said...

cutest thing ever!!! Love how luke loves being a big brother so much!! :) your have wonderful family!! <3

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