Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plan B

Normally, I like to consider myself a "plan A" type of gal.

"Plan A" being to take care of and maintain anything of worth that I consider mine.

Since our house was lived in by multiple owners before we took it over, I have no control over the previous care and maintenance of the woodwork and trim.

So, I turn to "plan B"

In this case "plan B" being Old English Scratch Cover.

Ever heard of it?

I hope to familiarize you with its virtues by the end of this post.

It comes in formulas specifically for light and dark woods.

When we first bought our house, I planned on painting all of the woodwork, trim, and doors because I thought that was the only logical solution for repairing/hiding all of the scratch work left by the previous puppy.

When I told others of my plan (like my husband and Realtor) they looked at me like I was crazy and they probably thought it too.

Enter Old English. A modern day miracle.

You may think that I am being dramatic? (I probably am) But you will get excited too just wait!

Just choose your formula based on the light or dark tone of your wood.

Shake a few drips onto a soft cloth.

I happen to use a sock that my brother left laying around during our renovation efforts. I thought it was a rag until an hour later when he was looking for his lost sock so that he could put his shoes on to leave! Sorry Drew...I am still using your sock and I will assume that you do not want it back?!

Find a hideous and annoying scratch in your wood.

Rub some Old English over it thoroughly and HELLO! Scratch hidden!!!!!!!

Okay, so now for a major puppy infraction on my master bedroom door:

Isn't that AMAZING? If you look closely you can still see the imprint of the the scratch. It's like a magic eraser for wood.

Micah's bedroom must have been where they locked the puppy up during the day...

Yes! I take a lot of pleasure in using this stuff on any scratch or scuff that I come across. I wish there was something like this for that wrinkle on my forehead?

So now picture me on a mission with rag in hand attacking our woodwork while the boys are napping with a huge pleasureful smile on my face. Anyone else take pleasure in that?

I did this treatment on our wood originally back in May and I am just now having to do it again. So that's like 7 months right? Not bad. Wouldn't this be a great revival for an older piece of furniture?

It is not a permanent fix but it is gratifying just the same. I love to take something from trash to treasure. In fact I live for it.

So a big thank you to Old English and all of the labor it has saved me as I did not paint all the woodwork in our house. (And the crowd goes wild!)

AND a shout out to Drew and his missing sock. Thanks Bro!


guppy and the worm said...

Hey, I need to get some of that Old English magic for our place soon!!

Tina said...

doing this as soon as I get back! Revive the dresser!!

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