Friday, April 1, 2011

March Update

I didn't do a very good job in March updating you with our everyday happenings. So here we go!

Luke extends the peace pipe to Micah!

I think they are finally realizing the entertainment that comes with having a brother.

Luke gets his first very own kids Starbucks drink. After a visit to the library that involved Luke putting together a giant state puzzle with only a little help from me, he wanted to treat himself with hot chocolate.

Micah "practiced" with my empty cup!

Luke likes to do his own thing.

A tandem drink.

Trying to get a drop of something!

Micah loves to wear shoes and tries to put them on!

I found Micah rocking in his room alone with his shoe and happy as a clam!

Both boys loved lounging in this chair but it broke this week and we had to throw it away. Sad. Phil blames me because I sat in it a few times and the weight limit is 50 lbs. Whoops!

My dad had a birthday and Luke made him a card.

And then he took a picture of his beloved junkyard and carwash.

My sewing machine made an appearance.

I made this fun top by following a Sew Mama Sew online tutorial. I kind of tricked my mom when she was here yesterday. Micah was sleeping and mom and Luke were occupied outside so I set up my machine and started sewing together this top that I cut out the day before. I get kind of desperate for any "kid free" moment that presents itself! My mom is so funny! She did not say a thing but I could tell she was like "you're doing that now?" Ummm, yep.

And then after I strutted around modeling my handiwork and Phil said things like "Are you wearing a tent?" and "Is that a purse?" we did something that we have been waiting to do for literally years. NOW drum roll please..... awkward photo of Phil and I clicking the button to pay off a student loan online! Whoo-hooooooooooo! This particular loan was the source of the highest interest rate and our biggest single payment. I must admit it is hard to part with a large amount of money with a single click and have nothing tangible to show for it, but the future is exciting!

It was funny because even though we have been planning this for a while Phil had a hard time sealing the deal when it came down to it. We were saying how much easier it was spending this money when it was not really ours in the first place. Borrowing is funny like that but anything that is borrowed eventually has to be reconciled and dealt with in some way. So now our goals are well on their way.

So now that we are all caught up in March bring on April and more importantly BASEBALL season. The CUBS have their first game today and Phil is coming home from work early (like 2ish) to watch the game and eat opening day food! Yay!


guppy and the worm said...

I just wondered why you didnt just say that you wanted to sew? I could tell you wanted to.. so I stayed as long as I could! I do understand though....because if you would have said I would like to sew today then no one would have slept! Isnt that how it goes sometimes?? It turned out really pretty!

Barbara said...

Allison! First of all, That top is adorable and perfect for being out in the garden, and doing all your work around the house. I bet Phil said those things because it didn't show off your figure as much as he'd like (just guessing because I have a husband of my own). But it has pockets! I love pockets! Second,CONGRATULATIONS on clicking that button and spending that wad of money on the best thing possible. I'm proud of you. Third, go CUBS! Love, Barbara

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