Monday, April 4, 2011

No-Sew Window Treatments

I finally hung my beautiful new chic (yet cheap) window treatments for my master bedroom!

Remember my $4.00 warehouse sale find?

Originally I was totally going to whip out the sewing machine and sew these panels up complete with lining. When I started to figure up the cost of buying the lining and other materials like thread etc. I realized that the cost of the thread alone would be more expensive than the fabric! So I was inspired to try something new. They were super easy. If you can iron you can make your very own custom window treatments!

First get yourself some Heat n Bond Hen iron-on adhesive. I found mine at Jo-Ann Fabric.

Lay out your fabric and iron it.

Fold over and iron a 3/8" fold on all sides of your fabric panel.

Make sure your creases are nice and sharp!

Now fold in each side another 3/8" and iron again. Repeat this step on the remaining 3 sides. Now follow the directions on your Heat n Bond package. Place the adhesive tape inside of the folded edge and iron over your fabric so that the hem is bonded to your fabric panel. I used the 3/8" tape because it was the smallest and I wanted to conserve as much "face" of the panel as possible.

Once you have repeated that on all four sides of your panel get out your clip rings. Evenly clip your rings to the top of your drapery panel and slip the rings unto your prehung rod.

I like to then manipulate the folds so that they are all evenly placed, smooth, and facing out.

Put your finger at the top of each fold and bump it out.

Make adjustments and "fluff"

If they are too long puddle them on the floor or hem them to desired length. You already know how to do that now!

Now a before and after of the master bedroom just for fun!

The master before we moved in:

The master today! Progress in the making.

I still have not made a paint decision and I need something on the walls, and new light fixture and new side table lamps.

I found this pressed board chair in Paris that I have been wanting to do something with. Maybe this will be my next project for the master?


JK Homestead said...

Looks great, Allison. How funny that I just posted on my blog today about new window treatments for our Master Bedroom. Too funny!

Alli and Phil said...

Thanks Katie! I like yours too! You should put a link to your post in the comments.

JK Homestead said...

Here's the post link for my Master Bedroom curtains...


roman blinds said...

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