Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Micah - 14 Months

Look at that perfectly placed chubby little hand!

I asked my mom today when does a baby stop being a baby?

I look at my little guy and still see a baby even though he is almost a toddler really! Micah has been toddling and walking more every day!

Today he walked from the futon to the couch all by himself!

And he has added 3 teeth! Molars that is.

His whole body is slimming down and you can see it especially in his face.

Some people have said that he looks more like brother Luke? Maybe!

No real words yet except for sounds that he associates with us.

Me: "ma"
Phil: "ya"

Right now he is LOVING rocking in our child sized rocking chair. It makes him so happy!

He has 2 "lovies" that he likes to carry around. One is a monkey and the other one is a bear. He travels with one in each hand, even walking!

His favorite snacks are blueberries, cheese, and Kefir.

His favorite show is "Baby Einstein: My First Signs"

Luke and Micah like to play with balloons together.

I can't wait for it to get nice out because I think they are going to love playing together outside and I am going to love watching it all!

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guppy and the worm said...

Happy 14 months, Micah!! You are so fun to watch. We can see the wheels turning and love your Big Smiles each time you do something new!
He is really a cuddler also! Enjoying every minute because I know the time is coming when he wont want to sit still even a minute.

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