Monday, October 3, 2011

Garden "Furprise"

In pitch dark and in the cold we frantically harvested whatever was left of my garden in fear of frost. I made my plea for help to Phil and I felt like the Little Red Hen. "Well, then I will harvest it myself said the Little Red Hen and she did." And then I will eat it all myself too! Probably not but I think that I have eaten all of the carrots myself so far.

Which by the way, the carrots were a HUGE surprise. The few that I had pulled up more recently were tiny. They might have kept growing too but I played it safe and just harvested everything!

Apparently my garden has been LOVING all of this rain and colder weather! Plus I have been a little burnt out on the garden and hadn't checked on things for a while. I knew that watermelon had been baking so I finally picked it.

The broccoli was a surprise too. I thought it had been done producing a month ago...

I went ahead and picked all the little tomatoes too. I was afraid that they would be the most vulnerable to the frost?

So now for the great tomato experiment. Anyone know the best way to proceed from here? Should I sit them out in the sun each day or just let them do their own thang?

Phil did eventually join me when I was halfway done. He saved the day with a giant paper bag for the big tomatoes! I am thankful he did because I swear that you can hear scary noises from the Boy Scouts Haunted Castle. I was getting freaked out in the dark with only a flashlight and Sanibel!

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Tina said...

I just really like this post. I think it's your commentary that makes it. And, I'm so impressed with your gardening skills!

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