Friday, April 25, 2008


It is so great to get together with just girls!! I had forgotten the importance of this wonderful social gift. I have definitely been finding myself outnumbered in the testosterone department at my house. It is a blessing and encouragement to be surrounded by other women and more recently other mothers! When I find myself confused and rundown by the rigors of motherhood it is always encoraging to share your struggles with others that have been through something similiar.

It is also exciting to swap motherhood experiences with friends from the past that have more recently become mothers as well. It is fun to see your childhood friend all grown-up, married and having children. I have always tried hard to embrace the present season in life wholly as well as appreciate the past and look to the future! I love getting together with a college roommate to catch up and meet their offspring! I sometimes can't believe that we are at this point in our lives. Recently a lot of my highschool and college friends have started families. What a wonderful season of life to share together. And even more wonderful that we can stay in touch!

Women definitely need other women! We need each other as friends, family and mentors. In life I have always had a godly woman that I have in my life to look up to and aspire to model my own life after. This is something that do not think that I will ever grow out of! It is extremely encouraging for me to run into another mom of 2, 3 or 4 and realize that if they can do it then I can do it with one!

During my daily devotionals recently I reexplored the book of Ruth. This short but sweet book of the Bible conveys the relationship of Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi. It is neat that this unique of the Bible explores the relationship of two women and it's biblical importance. I find it encouraging that Ruth was so loyal to Naomi and looked to her for guidance and support. Although I cannot directly relate to Ruth, I see her as an attractive and loving woman that saw the virtue in another womans experiences.

It is my experience that embracing the season of life that you are in right now is a positive thing. I realize that change is inevitable and I embrace it! Sharing your experiences with other women whether positive or negative is such a wonderful thing. Girls night is the best!

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