Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Roll Over, Roll Over...!

Luke rolled over for the first time yesterday and the 2nd and the 3rd and the get the picture!! I missed it too! I laid him on his back under his play gym and I was folding towels. The next thing I knew I looked down and he was on his belly! He has worked so long and hard to finally do this simple thing. He then proceeded to roll over throughout the day and we did not see him do it. We would put him down for a nap in his bed and find him sleeping on his belly. Ha! What a funny guy. I finally saw it this morning in his Spiderman pajamas! He must have had extra sticky fingers and toes.

Now that he has found this new freedom...I wonder what he will do...? Roll off the changing table maybe, try to get out of bed, take Sanibel for a run?

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