Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well, the littlest Wagler has been sick. He seems to be feeling a lot better lately. He ended up having RSV which can be very serious in the little ones. We ended up having 4 doctor visits and one emergency room visit late one Sunday night. As a parent, it is so hard to know what is going on with your 4 month old because the communication just is not there. Actually, I should say the "verbal" communication just is not there. My parental intuition was telling me that something was not right.

It started with an ear infection and then moved into the chest. Of course I started getting it too after a few days and I felt miserable! I kept thinking he must be feeling horrible if he was feeling like me! Poor buddy. Even though he was feeling so bad he still managed to squeal in delight and smile. At the emergency room he has smiling and squealing at all of the nurses. What an emotional roller coaster! We frantically rushed him to the hospital thinking that he could not breathe and by the time the Dr. saw him he was breathing fine and actually snoozing for the first time all day. Oh well!!! We are so glad that we can laugh about it now. At the time it was very scary!

We are hoping that he is feeling better and that we can put this whole month behind us. It has been hard for me to be inside taking care of him every day. I am feeling very restless...I am just glad that the semester is almost over. We will be leaving for Ft. Wayne very shortly!!

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