Sunday, April 27, 2008

Luke is 5 Months Today!

Today is Luke's 5 month birthday! I finally broke down and bought him one of those stationary play centers. You know the ones that have all of the toys attached and he can stand upright in it and twirl around? Well I am so glad that I did because he LOVES it! Now was the perfect time to start something like this. At first he was so serious and studying each toy and then he let loose! He was trying to hug the toys and put them in his mouth. This toy also does something else interesting for his world...he is at Sanibel's eye level when he is in it. His fascination with her grows everyday. He talks to her the most out of all of us! It is so funny to watch.

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cheryl said...

Pitures are great and good news to know God allows people to enter your life at each season of growth. It's the peace and comfort he shares with us when were up and down-and to guide you through. We have an awesome God. Please give Luke hugs and kisses for me. Love, Aunt Cherie

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