Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let the Graduating Begin!

After 4 years of Scholarly commitment and study it is finally over. Phil came to home to us Wednesday with a huge smile and armful of books. He took his last final that morning.

Now doesn't he look like a free man? A free man holding one of two extravagant graduation gowns in one hand.

And this is what he came home to:

Luke set up his "workman guys" by the front door so that daddy would see them when he walked in.

We also made a sign for the door on green paper. Luke wanted me to draw and circle and then write an "M" inside. Hmmm...not really sure what that means but I KNOW that daddy loved coming home to us! Phil told me this morning that he felt so amazing and happy! He should.

I can't wait to post graduation photos but it will be a few days. Our internet ends tonight at midnight and I am not sure what the next few days will hold for us. We are moving Tuesday and will be staying with my parents the rest of the week while we paint. So see you then!


Molly Alisa Photography said...

Congrats to your whole family! What a wonderful milestone. Great job Phil!!

Still Learning Life said...

I love all the little men lined up. You know that is SO something I would love!

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