Thursday, May 6, 2010

Luke Stats

Luke was weighed and measured today!

32 lbs. and 37" tall
50% for weight and 80% for height
He is tall!
Even taller with the Elmo costume on.

I was randomly talking about Halloween and I told Luke that I had an idea to make a mouse costume for him for Halloween. He liked that idea but then he said "need Elmo costume" We didn't know what he was talking about until after dinner he went upstairs and brought his Elmo costume down. He wanted to put it on!

I told him to talk in an Elmo voice so he kept saying to baby Micah
"Hi baby Micah, I'm Elmo"
So cute these two.
So now I am a little nervous about what will happen for the real Halloween when his Elmo costume is too small?

What's a parent to do?

1 comment:

Tina said...

This makes me really happy! Luke seems to have such a cute personality!

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