Friday, May 28, 2010

MBA Graduation

Finally, a blog post!

Phil graduated from the Indiana University MBA program May 7th! It felt sort of funny for him to graduate with the 2010 class since his real class graduated last year. He has not had any MBA classes all year but I made him walk for the graduation. I wanted to see him walk across the stage in his gown. AND I wanted Luke and Micah to be at his graduation so that some day I can tell them that they were there!

Phil's brother Rob and his wife Tiffany came down Friday morning for the 9:30 AM graduation.
Rob did a good job keeping Luke interested in the ceremony.

Micah LOVES his Aunt Tiffany! She can really make him laugh and smile. I love that about her!

Can you see Phil? He is the tall one

And now he is the blurry one.

Good thing that I brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Luke. It was a long ceremony...
I nursed Micah twice while we were there. I wonder if the MBA program knows that? Ha! I told Phil that I had no idea when he started his programs that I would be breast feeding a baby during his graduation ceremony!

Pictures were taken in front of the fountain.

For the record, I despised my dress that day. It was hot and soooo windy. It is a wrap around style dress. Good for nursing discretely but not so great when a burst of wind sneaks in and blows my skirt up! So much for my modesty efforts. When we got back to the house I immediately put it is the garage sale bag.

I feel just as good as he does...maybe better!?


A well meaning fellow volunteered to take a group photo for us. Do you notice what is missing?

Take two. Luke made it in this one!

Luke and Phil check out the fountain.

Did I mention how hot it was that day? Or how heavy my suited baby is?

Blazers and ties for both boys from Once Upon a Child

A handsome hubby.

He looks even better holding our baby.

Now Luke in the cap!

There was luncheon at the football stadium after the graduation for the MBA's and their families. After lunch we walked out onto the football field.

Center of the field. Is there a name for that?

I like Micah's bare feet. We were such a hurry in the morning that we forgot shoes! What a little hobbit baby wrapped in a suit.

I loved the fake rubbery grass on the field. I wanted to do a back handspring but I was wearing that terrible dress!

I have no words for this one...only joy in my heart. My cup runneth over.

My cup just keeps spilling over.

I thought "why not?" I nursed Luke all over Paris so why not on the football field?


Memories were made

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