Saturday, May 1, 2010

Straight No Chaser

Earlier this month "Straight No Chaser" performed a free concert at our Best Buy and signed copies of their new cd. And by concert I mean 3 songs! Ha! Hey, it was free. I REALLY wanted to take Luke to see them perform and I wanted to see them perform too.

Here we are waiting in the camera section at Best Buy for the guys to perform.

My mom just happened to be here so I dragged her along. Here she is reading the "Camera's for Dummies" book to Luke.

Here are the guys performing right in the middle of the store. I took some video. And if that does not work here is a you tube video. You can read more about them on their official website. They are a men's ensemble group from Indiana University. Ah, how I LOVE men's harmony.

Micah slept through the whole thing.

Best Buy got me. They lured me in with their live music and I left with this microwave. I am a sucker for a deal. Look for it in our new house!

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