Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15 Days of Being 30

Phil and I share September as our birthday month. My birthday is the first day of the month and his birthday is the last day of the month! Yes, I am older!

So now I am 30. That wasn't so bad! No, really it wasn't!

I recently had the opportunity to reconnect and have a girls night with some high school friends. It was so great to see everyone (they looked great and multiplied)

I was telling them that I have no regrets looking back on my life! I don't know if they believed me? I also know that as much as I loved high school and would not change a thing, I would NEVER want to go back and relive it! There are just so many great things about being an adult that 30 seems just perfect to me! I am loving this life stage!

For my birthday, Phil and I actually got away and saw a movie!

I got to pick (my birthday) so "Eat Pray Love" it was! Then after the movie we went out to eat and of course after watching the movie I wanted SPAGHETTI!

Luke made me a special birthday brownie at grandma and grandpas house! He was so proud (and still is!)

Luke made me my own birthday crown!

I kept forgetting that it was my birthday. It just did not feel like September!

The day of my birthday the boys (Phil and Luke) made me dirt pudding with gummy worms!

Phil made a 30 out of worms!

It was tasty and dramatic to make! Lot's of sugar in that! Wowsa!

"I guess I'll go eat worms"

My dirty 30 continued in Washington D.C. with our friends Peter and Tina! Tina ordered cupcakes for my birthday from Gerorgetown Cupcakes. Maybe you have seen them on TLC. They are two sisters that left their jobs to open a cupcake business in Georgetown. They have a reality show called "DC Cupcakes" We walked all the way there and discovered that they are VERY popular. There was a massive line just to get in the tiny bakery store front. Tina was super savvy and ordered ahead of time. So NO waiting in line for us. Tina walked right in!

As you can see, they are very beautiful and chic but damaged. No big deal really except we decided to take them back and see if they could be fixed/replaced.

So Tina skipped the line again and stepped inside. I snapped a photo of her from the outside! That's her pony tail!

While we waited, Phil took this photo of me waiting outside the bakery. See the line on the right hand side?

Such a cute shop. Lot's of black, white, and pink! Cupcakes are so very IN right now.

Another shot of the line...we are all so thankful to not be waiting in it! Especially the boys!

Tina and I with the coveted pink box!

Score. Not only did they give us a new box of cupcakes but they let us have the old box as well! It was a birthday miracle! As we walked away from the shop all of us compulsively decided to take a quick bite (of the damaged box) in an alley way beside J.Crew! So we all grabbed a cupcake each and snarfed it up! A very good way to enjoy coveted damaged cupcakes.

Later that evening we enjoyed a celebration sans kids after they went to bed. Peter made birthday gelato. It was chocolate and delish with the cupcakes!

Blowing out the tiny taper!
What a memorable birthday?! So why do we blow out candles on our birthday?

Instead of blowing them out we should be lighting them in honor of the upcoming year!

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Tina said...

So glad you enjoyed your dirty 30!! LOL.

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