Thursday, September 30, 2010

Phils Birthday (for real this time)

I took the boys into the office to visit Phil for his birthday! Luke picked out some ballons and was so happy about them!

We brought lunch and had a picnic in his office. The ladies in Phil's office brought in food and a cake for his birthday. They even made a 30th birthday sign for his door! Micah had his first taste of pineapple!

Phil has two computers on his desk so I joked about him using just the laptop and how funny it looked right next to the desktop. So then he told me that he uses BOTH at the same time and drags things from one screen to the other! Silly me.

Phil wanted me to take this one so his mom can see his two diplomas hanging on the wall together. We have a lot invested in those two pieces of paper. I am glad they have a place of honor!

We are thinking about painting the lower part of the wall below the chair rail IU red. The office has some pretty tall ceilings and I think the red would look great. What do you think?


Lisa said...

I think the red would look terrific! HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY Phil. I realized yesterday that I hadn't sent his card yet so I hope he got it in time. If not he will for sure get it tomorrow. It's very nice that they celebrated his birthday at work.

guppy and the worm said...

Yes, I think the crimson red will look good too! It was nice to see Phil's office. When Dad isn't working we should do downtown to see it in person?!

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