Saturday, September 11, 2010

Virginia Friends II - Colonial Williamsburg

Peter had an exercise in the field the week of Labor Day, so we went with Tina & their daughter to Williamsburg, VA, for the rest of the week. We stayed at the Williamsburg Plantation and had fun playing in the pool. We spent one day at Colonial Williamsburg and saw some reenactments! Williamsburg was the capital city of the Virginia colony, so the British-appointed governor was there, as well as the colony's capitol.

The gardens at the governor's palace

Luke loved the maze!

Micah loved lounging!

In the stocks!

Stroller parking at Colonial Williamsburg - no strollers are allowed in the historical buildings because it would damage the floors. Apparently colonial times were not kid-friendly!

We ate at Shields Tavern - Phil had a Carolina barbecue sandwich and Allison had an apple salad and a pasty. Micah yelled a lot.

Due to Micah's yelling, Mrs. Shields came to hold him. It worked!

Micah was pretty happy about holding the ginger ale bottle!

The blacksmith - they make all the nails that they use to build the colonial buildings in Colonial Williamsburg. They can make up to a thousand nails a day!

Reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Capitol

Colonial army

The British (led by Benedict Arnold) take the Capitol - why is Allison so happy?

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guppy and the worm said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all...........I love the photo with Micah and the ginger ale..what a smile!

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