Monday, September 13, 2010

7 Months Young!

Micah is on the move! He started crawling on Monday (Labor Day) We kind of figured that he would because we were at our friends Peter and Tina's house and Luke took his first steps at their house over a year and a half ago!

Now that he has gotten the hang of it he is all over the place! He is leaving a trail of whatever he currently has in his mouth all over the floor. He is fast too! In the blink of an eye he is out of sight! Perfect timing for Phil since he starts working on about having my hands full.

Micah has been pulling up on things even before he started crawling. He has better places to be and things to do already! We are not sure exactly what Luke thinks about all of this yet? We will see.

Micah also has his bottom two teeth and is currently working on his top two incisors. They are right there! He can move easily from his belly to a sitting position. He is still putting everything in his mouth to "test" things out first and next week will be making his first appearance in the church nursery! He has a new big boy rear facing carseat and has outgrown most of his baby contraptions (bouncy seat, swing, and doorway bounce up) We also had to move his crib mattress down because he can pull up and crawl in, out, and around most anything. This baby needs corralled! He has also managed to find his way to Sanibels bed and just hang out there. Of course the ONE place that I would rather he not hang out...

So here he is precrawling and pulling up on big brothers chair. I like watching my boys interact with each other!

Isn't Luke so cute in his "back to school" jeans?

Welcome fall and jeans weather!

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Lisa said...

Jeans or no jeans Lucas is just too cute any way you look at it! Micah looks so joyful to be getting around on his own. You are right the fun begins! Next he will be walking! Oh my!

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