Sunday, February 6, 2011

Micah's New Trick

Micah likes to climb up onto the stool in the bathroom and empty the box of band aides and splash in the sink.

Fast, busy and curious.

My current parenting dilemma is wrapped up in babyproofing. If I babyproof too much then essentials are not easily accessible to Luke and if too little then Micah makes a mess or causes trouble. I think this would classify as a "lose lose" situation?

The easiest solution is to just close doors and keep baby out completely. But even that does not always work. He is so tall that he can reach the doorknobs and lock doors.

He looks so natural. and yet unnatural?

Yesterday Micah threw Luke's toothbrush in the toilet before I knew what was happening!

Have I mentioned lately that I have my hands full?

1 comment:

Strobels said...

Micah looks so grown up in these pictures! I have most Friday's off I would love to come visit and play with the boys.

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