Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Bed Race

We had a great turn out for the race that Luke facilitated on my freshly made bed.

A large bus dropped off 20+ cars.

Luke organized the starting line.

"On your mark"

"Get set"


As he pushed the individual cars around he said things like "Here comes the music car" and "Hey, what about me? I'm being polite."

I would say that is proof that he has never seen or been to a real car race!

His play has advanced recently into some magnificent story telling. I have to keep from laughing with all of his "play" dialogues. The other day he was playing with a robot toy and the toy said "I am very hungry" so Luke replied "We need to go find your mom so you can get some food!" That particular dialogue went on and on. Okay sometimes I do burst forth with a laugh and then he thinks he is the cleverest! His imagination inspires me.

And tires me! This is how Phil found us when he got home from work that day. A rare double nap!

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