Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Micah!

I can hardly believe that we have had Micah with us for a year!
I am so relieved.
Didn't I just GIVE BIRTH? I like to say that I am still recovering.
You can remember Micah's birth story here and his arrival here.

12 months is a huge milestone for him and I!

My biggest breastfeeding goal with both boys was to make it to the 1 year mark and we did!
So now the plan is to breastfeed for as long as is mutually desired for us both. With Luke it was 17 months and then I had to stop for my sinus surgery and after that he lost interest. So did I really. We will see with Micah?

Micah has gone his whole first year without any antibiotics! He has had some colds with a snotty nose for a day or two but NO sick visits to the doctor. I am sure that he will eventually get sick but I am just enjoying and celebrating health!

He really likes table food and is SUCH a good eater. He is growing and the doctor said at his well visit this week to just keep doing what we are doing. That's always good to hear!

Just how much growth you may be wondering?

Micah's birth weight was 7 lbs. 11 oz. and his current weight is 26 lbs. 7 oz (92%)

Micah's birth height was 20 1/2" and his current height is 32 1/4" (off the charts)

He is a tall boy!

I already mentioned that he likes to eat! He will pretty much eat whatever you put in front of him. Today he wanted to eat a whole apple all by himself. He liked taking bites out of it!

He is cruising and crawling everywhere. He can stand alone momentarily but as soon as he realizes it he comes down and starts crawling. He likes to walk around while holding onto our hands.

He says "ma ma" for me (mom) and "da" for daddy and dog. He can nod his head for yes and no.

I am also so happy to turn his car seat around to face the front! Now I will be able to hand him things and help him at stoplights. Until now he has been on his own and Luke cannot reach him to help either. Oh happy day!

Micah had his birthday party last Friday!

Turtle Cupcake cake

Enthusiastic party guests!

Grandma Wagler and cousin Titus (6 months)

The grandpa's were chatty!

Micah and Great Grandpa Workman

Great Grandpa, Lucas, and cousin Sophia

Lucas and Great Grandpa

The kids table (Chondra, Sophia, Arthur, and Luke)

Gifts were unwrapped.

My dad giving a peace sign in the background.

Gifts are like kid magnets!

Sophia showing Micah a gift.

Now onto the cake!

"Happy birthday to you..."

He knows what to do next...

Happy Birthday sweet baby!

I have some links below of Micah's milestones during his first year. Enjoy!

4 Weeks Young

7 Weeks

Little Beefcake Baby


Baby Micah is Sitting Up

5 Months Young

Glorious Rolls

6 Months Young


Big Baby is Hungry

First Tooth

6 Month Dr. Appointment

7 Months Young

Sink Baby

8 Months Young

9 Months Young

Brothers Gotta Bounce

10 Months Young

11 Months Young

It was fun to look back through the past year and remember all that has happened! So much change. Micah has lived the majority of his life in Ft. Wayne. Bloomington seems so long ago now. I am thankful for this blog and the way that it has allowed me to record memories and share them with all of you!


Tina said...

awww...I love this post! Happy Birthday Micah! I feel like you really rocked this year of mommyhood. Love ya!

guppy and the worm said...

It just can't be possible for Micah to be 1 yr old!!!! He is so precious to us all along with big brother, Lucas! Couldnt ask for anything more! Grandson's make my day full of JOY!
Love, MOm/Grandma

Alli and Phil said...

Thanks Tina!

Lisa said...

In the picture of Grandpa Workman and Micah, Micah reminds me of Drew! Happy Birthday One Year Old Micah!!!

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