Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 25 & 26 Paree!

The previous two days have nothing too special as far as sight seeing goes. Philip woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat. I did not know until almost the end of the day Sunday because he never said anything. When we got home he basically went straight to bed because he was so exhausted.

When he woke up Monday morning he was even worse. At least I think that he was. He is not exactly the most forthright with that type of information. He went ahead and went to class anyway. When he got home he had a bowl of soup and went straight to bed again! He slept pretty much the entire afternoon which is not like him at all. We went over to the BHV in the evening to get groceries because we didn't have any food due to our weekend excursion. I think at this point he started to run a fever! All while saying that he "was feeling much better."

The next morning was the same thing: sore throat, fever?, tired. He went to class, came home and took another afternoon nap. We went out briefly to get more drain opener (our shower drain has not been draining) and headed back home. Later he said that he was feeling better so he wrote more cover letters to submit for the upcoming OCI (on campus interviews) at IU.

This morning when he woke up he came to show me his throat and it is pretty swollen and we think that there might be some white dots on his tonsils which means strep throat! I told him to walk over to the Pharmacy and see what they say and go to class a few minutes late. (Pharmacists have a lot more authority here than in the US. Isn't that great?!) Of course he did not want to be late to class but right after his class today we are headed on our last and final excursion to Giverny/Monet's gardens. So he pretty much will not be able to have anyone look in his throat today. Stress!

Hopefully we can talk to K-Rae on the excursion today and see if she can make him an appointment with a doctor for tomorrow afternoon. Please pray that it is not strep and that he actually starts feeling better right at this moment. I am so frustrated after having been sick myself at the beginning of the trip (Phil was too) and then I had that horrible eye infection! I know that life just happens and that we will be fine but these are the things that make me miss home. It is not like we can just walk in to a clinic somewhere and get antibiotics. Also, Phil is allergic to Penicillin so we need to figure out how to say that! Otherwise he could just take the medicine that I was taking. I have lots left.

Anyways, in the midst of Phil's issues I have been taking care of Luke. He has his own teething issues! He has a sharp little tooth in there now. We tried to get a picture of it yesterday but he is too fast for the camera. We will keep trying. Also, yesterday we got out his Baby Einstein "My First Signs" DVD and he loved it! He lost interest toward the end but he was glued for most of it. We have a cute video of him watching it. I will try to get it on here.

Otherwise I have been doing laundry, dishes etc. Alicia gets here tomorrow so I have a lot to do. I need to get the bed pulled out for her and make it up. Oh, and CLEAN! There is always plenty to do. I will never take my dishwasher, microwave, and washer and dryer for granted again!!

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Alicia said...

You don't have to clean for me, I can help you when i get there, and help you pull the bed out. Does phil need me to bring anything for his throat? Let me know...

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