Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Paris: Day 12 Adventure

This afternoon we explored some of the streets near the school. The streets were very narrow and there were no sidewalks! In fact I thought that we were walking on the sidewalk and it turned out to be the street!!! This actually happens a lot here...at least to me! We will probably write more about our neighborhood tomorrow because we are going on a guided tour led by one of Phil's professors.

After wandering around we found ourselves back at the BHV. Yes how convenient! I love the BHV! We decided to explore every floor since we read that the 5th floor has a cafeteria. I very much enjoyed this trip. The 4th floor has everything that is related to decorating your home. There were fabric books galore and pillows, light fixtures, window treatments etc! I was in heaven. I told Phil to take some pictures of the pillows and he was a little shy about it. I might have to go back and take more pictures. I can't wait for Alicia to come! We will have a blast checking out all of the fun design ideas!!! So so exciting. If you didn't know, my friend Alicia from design school is coming to visit at the end of our trip!!

For supper we visited the same eatery that we did two nights ago. We got a chicken panini and a falafel with frites (fries). A falafel is like a gyro and it was soooooooooooooooooo good!!! Phil and I split both and he ended up so full. I felt just right but I think that we ate the same amount. I don't know how that happened? I can really eat I guess.

Also, we have included a photo of how we are drying our diapers while here with no dryer!

Luke has been a handful today. He can really get around. He is still not really crawling forward but he has his ways of getting around. Now he wants to be off of his play area and playing around with daddy's backpack and trying to pull things off of chairs etc. He also discovered the electrical cord for the floor lamp even though it is tucked out of the way! Every time I set him on the floor he starts heading in that direction. I am feeling like I really have my hands full!

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Alicia said...

I can't wait to go to the BHV! it sounds like an amazing place. Shopping!! I love the pic of Luke with only one sock on... how cute! 2wks and counting...

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