Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We did not do a whole lot today and it was wonderful! We did go to the Monoprix around 6ish to get a few items. The Monoprix has everything! I think that I ahve mentioned it before. There is a grocery area in the basement or level -1. I have really been wanting salad and the salad that we had at the cheese tasting was so wonderful that we wanted to try and recreate it. You really cannot just buy salad dressing like you would in the states. No ranch dressing here! Sad for me. I did find a dijon vinnegrett that I really like considering there is not a lot of choices. We also have balsamic vinegar for the salad that we do really like. So we got some salad and yummy crusty bread and headed home! Dinner was so good! There is nothing like cheese, bread, and salad for dinner in Paris!

This is me posing in front of our tiny refrigerator. I am pretty sure that this is very common in Paris!

This is our dining table where we eat most of our meals!

Here are some of the groceries that we got when we first arrived! All of this food is long gone now!
It has been fun preparing for meals! Sometimes we don't even know what we are buying. Luckily most products have pictures on the labels showing what it is or what it could be. The dessert options are overwhelming! There are tons of pudding/creme desserts in the dairy area. We also have had our share of breads and cookies! I don't even know how to choose. I just grab something and we have pretty much liked everything. I am glad that we have the opportunity to go grocery shopping. If we were vacationing we probably would not even go to the market! It is neat to experience this side of the culture!

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