Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Paris: Day 20 - A Day in the Life of a Lucas in Paris

When Lucas wakes up in the morning (usually around 8:30-9:00am ish) he has breakfast. He has breast milk and rice cereal. After that he crawls around on the floor and plays with his toys. His new thing is pulling toys out of his toy basket. Also, he likes crawling over to furniture and climbing around. Once I have eaten something for breakfast I change him into his clothes for the day. After he gets his clothes changed he plays more on the floor until he is gets so tired and he is rubbing his eyes. I carry him in to the bedroom and lay him in his Peapod and give him his mouse to hold and he goes to sleep. I don't know why but he needs a nap an hour and a half after he wakes up! He is a busy boy!

After his nap he gets lunch (breast milk and a fruit or vegetable) and then we play on the floor and wait for daddy to come home. He is becoming more and more fascinated with the hallway that leads to the door and now we play in the hallway waiting for daddy. When daddy opens the door Lucas is so happy! Daddy plays with him on the floor for a while and we have lunch together.

The rest of the day is always different. Sometimes Lucas plays until he is ready for another nap and we put him down. Other days Lucas gets loaded up in the stroller after playtime for another big adventure. On these days he takes his nap in the stroller. He wakes up in a new place always on these adventures!

Later, after we get home, he gets dinner (breast milk, rice cereal, vegetable and fruit). He gets more playtime on the floor and daddy usually reads him all of his books, sometimes he reads them twice! Sometimes daddy just recites them because they are memorized! We should have brought more books! We didn't know that would be his favorite thing to do. Later than that he sometimes gets a bath and then his pajamas or just his pajamas. Next is more book reading and then bedtime! What a lucky boy!


Alicia said...

I can bring a couple of books with me so he has some new one while i'm there and for the plane home. If you want, let me know

Alli and Phil said...

Hey, that would be great!

Guppy & the Worm said...

HI, I'm glad you let us see how and what Lucas does each day?! Someday it will be important to him to know what he was doing in Paris and you have proof for him that he was really there ion Paris with you both.....Love, MOM

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