Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sadly, yesterday our family dog of almost 14 years passed away. I am crying just typing this. Her name was Meggie and she was a very good dog and loved by our whole family. We are all experiencing a great loss today, especially my parents. If you think of it today, please say a prayer for them as they are feeling an emptiness in their home. Even Sanibel is looking her her as she is staying with my parents while we are gone.

I wanted to post some candid photos of Luke to gladden my heart. Phil took these on Tuesday. As you can see he is working on that tooth! He still has smiles for us. There is also a photo of him watching his Baby Einstein DVD! He is such a blessing!


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Guppy & the Worm said...

HI Phil, I just read the blog comments and As far as the icky tonsils go.... I remember once when I had the worse case of strep/ tonsilitis and the one thing that really helped was gargling with a mouthwash,,,cepacol...sp? It certainly helped the taste in my mouth and it helped the white spots to go away..... or salt water might help if you are having a sore throat.....dont under estimate the gargling! Hope you will be on the road to recovery ASAP ! Love, JEan

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